I’ll be at the Vegan Scoop Ice Cream Tasting and book signing tomorrow if anyone wants to show me their best ice cream mustache. I will even fight you for the honor.

The Humane League is having a holiday party on Saturday at the Ethical Society if you’re trying to win something for your dog. As I’m not the world’s most activistic type, I will likely be championing some other cause involving warmth, whiskey, and bad decisions. But here you are, in need of details: http://www.thehumaneleague.com/

And who would have thought that U Penn Bookstore was vegan during December? The bookstore that you and I never go to is bringing Jonathan Safran Foer back to Philly for a book signing on December 15. If you missed his reading at the Free Library, here’s your make-up. I do excite.

New Year’s Eve should be about devouring one last incredible plate of food before you wake up in 2010 and want to REMEMBER something. You would never forget a 7 course for $75 blowout at Horizons. And if you did, I would just blog it all up for you like you were there. Snag those res at