The Crazy. Maca powder, on its own, is not the most palatable of superfoods.

The Sexy. But I find that paired with chocolate (maca chocolate bars, oh my) it’s a rather enticing treat. It increases energy, enhances the libido (and treats impotence), stimulates fertility, regulates the hormones, and is abundant in minerals and fatty acids.

To incorporate it into my diet, I’ve been varying amounts in my smoothies. The perfect amount is 1 tbsp (more than that and the maca flavor is too strong) for a single serving. But I wouldn’t use any more than that because of how potent it is. You may want to start with 1/2 tbsp and work up to 1 tbsp.

The Cool. The result? A lively chocolate banana smoothie that will snap you out of any energy slumps or hormonal mood swings.

Have you tried maca? Does it do anything for you?