Arbol has strong drip coffee that’s not La Colombe, which is a huge plus, but I had never tried a sandwich there. They recently debuted a vegetarian menu that’s posted on Meal Ticket.

Be prepared to ask a lot of questions if you’re vegan. When I ordered a Wyck with vegan cheese on brioche (choice of brioche, bagel, or croissant), one of the owners quickly alerted me to the egg wash on the bun. I’m not sure if the bagels are vegan, either, so one ought to check that. I stuck with brioche, as I’m just a vegetarian with a soy cheese fetish.

How do regular salad greens, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms taste so satisfying? It was the Zayda’s spicy pickles, which bled their pickle juice all over the other veggies like a dressing donor. I also decided that the soft, buttery roll hugged the ingredients perfectly. New stormy weekend project: Make vegan brioche?

Arbol Cafe, 209 Poplar Street