I hadn’t even picked out which Stumptown to order for next week’s coffee delivery when I saw this on Philly Mag: The Hub Bub, a caffeine truck that will pair bites from P&K with brew from the legendary Stumptown, the Portland-now-sleeping-with-New York roaster. The roaming truck will appear sometime next week. Anyone wanna meet for a cup?

What’s even more synergistic about all of this? Johnny Mac (of P&K) and Duane Sorenson (ST) have both cultivated my happiness more than they know. Over bread pudding at the pub last October, I got to know my future life partner. Working with Duane earlier this year for a research article about specialty coffee, I grew so excited about coffee origin that I started caring more about beverages than food.

Stumptown, at its most innocent roast date, made via Chemex, served from a truck?

I’m assuming they will use Chemex.