Sunday, January 24, 2010

Veg Out: Green Eggs Cafe

It doesn't matter what time it is. Or if I get home with a mind for bed, the sound of clattering heels still reverberating in my skull.

One, I will always wash my face first.

Two. I will often prepare muesli, because I know how satisfying it is for breakfast. I chop a handful of whichever nuts are manning the cupboard. I dice and toss fruits on hand. In the fridge. Out the lights.

Green Eggs Cafe has one-upped me with a devastating quinoa porridge. It's a late morning dessert, if I'm honest. Agave, raisins, and fruit collide with superman quinoa in a cinnamon-driven mush. Spoon in quick, 'cause porridge just got raved about. If this was the end, how did we begin?

Simply. One coffee and a soy latte for the wait, two counter seats opened up within five minutes during a brunch rush at the newborn South Philly cafe. People are already comparing it to other weekend crowd-pleasers, but with these higher ceilings and generous layout, one can breathe or have a seat at the fireplace-positioned sofas. Meanwhile, the unseasoned crew is keeping up with the beat.

The breakfast burrito (sans chorizo and gravy) is heavy on the potato, but it's a respectable decision. My tofu scramble was covered in soy bacon shreds that I pushed aside to get to the firm, egg-like tofu. I would have preferred extra veg or potato instead of the pink imitation meat. The rest of the menu includes standard brunch items that don't stray too far from the norm, with an eco-minded approach.

If you're in the area, do make an appointment with some porridge. Green Eggs makes a satisfying alternative to other french toast outlets.

Green Eggs Cafe, 1306 Dickinson St.


Zoe said...

I do believe I was there when you were. Saturday?

Kelly said...

Yes, were you at the counter? Hope you enjoyed your ________.

Sylvia said...

YUM! It's a great idea to prepare your breakfast before you actually need it.. If I don't make it the night before, I usually won't eat anything for breakfast.. which is a LOSE LOSE situation. Puts me in a terrible mood.

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