At the Four Seasons in Prague, everything we ordered from the restaurant or bar was in Czech korunas. We still did the math, but ended up cringing every time. A rare espresso ended up costing $36 (It had passed through the digestive tract of the Asian Palm Civet, which is questionable on the animal-friendly front, but I have yet to hear about the conditions of civet farms).

So it’s no shocker that the jokingly pricey veggie wrap at the Swann Lounge and Cafe at Four Seasons Philadelphia is 18 whole dollars. I know you’re paying for the world-class service. But there better be truffles in there, avocados that make you forget it’s now October, and some really spectacular garnish. As Grub Street reports, the Swann actually lowered its prices on this new menu.

I am probably going to eat this thing. Because, well, I’m obnoxious and I have to know.