On my way back from Whole Foods last night (canned pumpkin! soy Nog! things you cave and go to WFM for), I was attracted to the warmth of Sweetie’s Pie Diner. Vegetarian pie excites me.

There were many hands working in the open kitchen and an array of rustic-looking pie slices(read: not perfect and uniform and factory-made) swirling around in the bakery carousel. I chose a slice of sweet potato enchilada after the waitress described it as “pompous”. We had it as an appetizer with our dinner and the tortilla shelled sliver did not disappoint. Appearance-wise, the slice didn’t hold up that well and looked like it shrank it a bit. It tasted homemade, binding sweetness from the potato with some heat.

As ever, more pie to come…there is one vegan pie every day and a whole collection of vegetable pies.

Also, just so you know, Silk Soy Nog is now available at Whole Foods. Too early? I don’t think so.